About Education

NUSRI offers diverse programmes to students and senior officers to enrich them with new knowledge and skills, developing their competencies and resilience in the ever-changing environment.

Drawing on the teaching and research excellence of NUS and her affiliated organisations, NUSRI is also a platform for professionals and academics from Singapore, China and around the world to share their knowledge and experience.?Education division organises the following key programmes: Joint Educational Programme,? NUSRI-affiliated PhD Programme,??China immersion programme for overseas students and executive education programme.

Joint Educational Programme

Joint Educational Programme is collaborated by NUSRI, NUS and partner universities in China, which aims to jointly cultivate innovative talents through leveraging and integrating world-class excellence from China and Singapore.

China Immersion Programme for Overseas Students

As a platform for cross-cultural interaction and communication, NUSRI offers China Immersion Programmes for international students. As China evolves into a global economic superpower, students will be able to benefit from the first-hand experience and gain a deeper insight into the business operations and culture of the East.

Executive Education Programme

Tapping onto the abundant education resources and excellent teaching experience of NUS and her affiliated faculties, NUSRI is committed to be a first-class international professional education service provider for industrial practitioners, government civil servants and entrepreneurs worldwide, as well as to be a platform bringing together professionals and scholars from China, Singapore and around the world to learn and share knowledge and experience.